Poetry Out Loud Semifinals Schedule is (Finally) Official

With the announcement that we will not have a delay or a cancellation for Thursday, the Poetry Out Loud Semifinals can finally proceed. We’ve posted the schedule on the front page of our website, but since the auditorium is in use on Thursday (we did not anticipate losing our original date AND our snow date), the majority of the semifinals will be in the cafeteria, with a microphone and a podium. For the lunch period, and the period after lunch (to allow the cafeteria staff to clean up), we will relocate to the lower library.

Traffic through the lower library will be diverted tomorrow during periods 4 (lunch) and 5. We appreciate your cooperation.

Periods 7, 1, 2, 3 = Cafeteria

Periods 4 (lunch) & 5 = Lower Library
Period 6 = Cafeteria

If you are unsure of the order of your performance, the lists posted in the English hall give the order for each period.

We look forward to the performances, and we appreciate your understanding as we emerge from this snowy week.

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