Scholastic Writing Awards Announced – 7 BHS Students Recognized

The results of the 2015 Scholastic Writing Awards have just been announced, and the English Department is pleased to share that in our first year of sending out student work, we have had several students receive recognition for their writing. The Scholastic Awards are among the most prestigious awards available for high school writing, and the following seven students received awards for their work:

Gold Key (the highest award, these pieces will be entered in the national competition)
Kavya Sebastian – “3 A.M. Coffee” (short story)
Anjali Seereeram – “Youth” (short story)

Silver Key
Michaela Meneghini – “Blood Red” (sci-fi/fantasy)
Michaela Meneghini – “Falling” (flash fiction)
Ariana Orne – “Answers” (short story)

Honorable Mention
Alyssa Mathieson – “Waiting” (short story)
Michaela Meneghini – “City Slumber” (poetry)
Michaela Meneghini – “Community Development in the Missing Middle and the Nicaraguan Market” (critical essay)
Anjali Seereeram – “Yo Ho Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me” (critical essay)
Samantha Sheppard – “Listen to Me!” (short story)
Yaju Tuladhar – “Clueless” (short story)

The decision on the senior writing portfolios will be released in the first week of February.

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