Congratulations, Ashwini Kulkarni, 2015 BHS Poet Laureate!

Congratulations to Ashwini Kulkarni, who became our 2015 Poetry Out Loud Champion with her powerful recitations of Life Cycle of Common Man by Howard Nemerov, and Zacuanpapalotls by Brenda Cardenas. Ashwini will now represent Burlington in the statewide semifinals in Framingham on Sunday, March 1. She will compete against 15-19 other students, 6 of whom will move on to the state finals, which will take place in Boston on March 8.


This year’s competition further proved how hard it is to have continued success in our Poetry Out Loud competition, as 2015 was the first year since we began our POL competition in 2007 that every one of our finalists was competing at that level for the first time.

Congratulations to all of our finalists!

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We also wish to announce the full list of the winners of the 2015 Teacher’s Choice Awards, which go annually to the performances in the BHS semifinals that stood out to the English Department. Each teacher selects one winner, and this year’s winners are:

From Mrs. Bernard – Harrison Lane
From Ms. Bularzik – Juliana Casella
From Ms. Coppola – Kevin Lynch
From Mrs. Crossman – Rita Saraiva
From Ms. D’Allesandro – Laura Harder
From Mrs. Ford – Brad Hogan
From Mrs. Janovitz – Ada Wiggins
From Mr. Lally – Rebecca Haded
From Mrs. McKee – Mark Czerwinski
From Ms. Netishen – Muhammad Hashim
From Ms. Roberts – Kevin McGrath
From Mrs. Rose – Dillon Owens
From Ms. Sette – Trevor Arsenault
From Mrs. Valbuena – Lorraine Kanyike

One thought on “Congratulations, Ashwini Kulkarni, 2015 BHS Poet Laureate!

  1. it would be great idea to get the adio for Zacuanpapalotls bc that is wat some people who need to list4n to it but youtube wont let them bc theyre not really that grrst anymore

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