New Summer Reading Option: Brave New World (Seniors)

Over the next few months, we will be revealing the titles that will become the summer reading options for the summer of 2015. Students will select one title from a list of around five novels per grade (In the subject line of the post, “Freshmen” means that the book will be read by incoming freshmen, not existing ones, etc.). 

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


A society where Shakespeare and poetry are outlawed might sound like a fantasy for some — but if you were to spend time in this twisted dystopia, you might wish differently.  In the World State, people are grown in labs; citizens are zoned out on government-supplied “happy pills” most of the time; societal conditioning begins with babies being given electric shocks; and “everyone belongs to everyone else.”

On many critics’ lists as one of the Top 100 Novels of all time, Brave New World is laugh-out-loud funny, but also heartbreakingly tragic — and, as it turns out, stunningly prophetic for a novel that was written over 80 years ago.  George Orwell, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth — there isn’t a dystopian author past or present who hasn’t been influenced by Huxley’s nightmarish vision.

If you gravitate towards the sci-fi genre in all its forms — or even if you just like thought-provoking satire about what it means to be human — pick up Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.  

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