PSAT Scores Looking Up at BHS

We’ve compiled some data regarding the PSAT scores in English at BHS, and are pleased to point out an increase in our scores compared to the Massachusetts averages over the past 9 years (which covers all of the scoring information available through the CollegeBoard website). In that timeframe, the PSAT scores at BHS have gone from being at or slightly below the statewide average from 2006-08 to being now approximately 80 points higher than Massachusetts juniors, and 75 points higher than other sophomores in the state. Aside from an anomaly year in 2012, when the state averages were significantly higher than expected, the overall trend remains upward as well, with the all-time best results in Critical Reading and in Writing, for both juniors and sophomores, all coming in the past two years. Check out the graph below for a snapshot of our progress, and congratulations, BHS students!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.19.50 PM

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