Check out the Latest Edition of the Devil’s Advocate!

The Spring 2015 edition of the Devil’s Advocate is now out – get a paper copy at BHS, or check out the PDF here


Now Options for purchasing 2015 Summer Reading Titles

The Book Oasis in Stoneham (311 Main Street) is once again gathering copies of our summer reading texts for this year. Stop by and grab a copy of one of the titles!

The BHS Library and the Burlington Library ought to also have copies available, but remember that grades 11 & 12 will be responsible for annotating their copies, so a library loaner might not be the best solution.

2015 Edition of Collab – Nearly Sold Out!

The 2015 edition of Collab, the BHS literary magazine, featuring the original writing and artwork of over 30 students, is selling fast, and is almost gone – only 10 of the 100+ copies that they ordered are still available from Mr. Lally. If you would like to buy one before they’re gone, stop by room 200, or visit True North Coffee in Burlington, where we also have copies available. The cost is $10.

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New Summer Reading Option: High Fidelity (Seniors)

Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing the remaining titles that will become the summer reading options for the summer of 2015. Students will select one title from a list of around five novels per grade (In the subject line of the post, “Freshmen” means that the book will be read by incoming freshmen, not existing ones, etc.). 

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby


Top five reasons Rob Fleming’s life is falling apart:

  1. As an underemployed record-store owner, his lack of ambition is ruining his business.  Rob is unwavering in his music snobbishness, he puts the bare minimum of effort into his shop, and he also owes his ex-girlfriend Laura $5,000.  Laura is a succesful lawyer, so she had the money to lend him.  Rob has no issues about this, at all.  He especially does not have issues about her making more money than him, or her changing ambitions from when they first met, or her new friends at her law firm.  No issues at all.  Nothing about masculine pride or hurt feelings going on here.

  2. Laura, Rob’s live-in girlfriend, has left him for their upstairs neighbor, Ian.  To add insult to injury, Ian doesn’t even like good music.

  3. He barely likes his only friends.  Dick is soft-spoken, introverted, and nervous.  Barry is an arrogant and in-your-face jerk.  Dick and Barry also work for him, and they can’t help Rob with his problems.  They can’t even agree on whether to listen to Belle and Sebastian or Katrina and the Waves on Monday morning.

  4. Rob can’t stop obsessing about his ex-girlfriends.  Why did they leave him? Why is he so unloveable? Do they have it better now, or do they miss him?  Can’t they please tell him what is wrong with him?

  5. Rob can’t stop making top five lists about his favorite records, the women who broke his heart, the films he wants to see on his birthday, the best side-one track-ones of albums ever.  How is he supposed to get his life together when there are so many lists to be made?

Check out the 2015 Summer Reading Options

This year, for our summer reading options, we are broadening our selection of texts to a list of five or six possible titles per grade. The assignment will remain essentially the same, and we have a few touch-ups to add to our webpage, but we wish to announce the shortlists of titles for this upcoming summer. Students still only have to read ONE book, and the options from last year are still available this year. To check out our options for summer reading, please visit THIS PAGE

Improv Show to Benefit the Devil’s Advocate – This Thursday!

Idle Hands, the BHS Improv team, is hosting a show this Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the cafeteria.  The performance will showcase the seniors in the group, and all proceeds will support printing costs for the school newspaper, The Devil’s Advocate (senior issue coming out in May).  If you have the time, please consider attending – we would love to have you there!

Burlington Poetry Slam Team Advances to Semifinals

The BHS Slam Poetry Team, in its inaugural year, entered the Louder Than A Bomb competition this year, where they went head to head against slam teams from all over Massachusetts. The first round of the competition was this Saturday, and with their second-place finish in both rounds, BHS earned its way into the state semifinals, and will compete again this Tuesday. Congratulations to the students who helped get this club on its feet, and to Mrs. Janovitz, the advisor. Senior Cat Hoyt has posted videos of the performances on her website – CHECK THEM OUT!

And check out more information on the state semifinals HERE.

And most of all, congratulations, poets!

New Summer Reading Option: Eleanor & Park (Freshmen)

Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing the remaining titles that will become the summer reading options for the summer of 2015. Students will select one title from a list of around five novels per grade (In the subject line of the post, “Freshmen” means that the book will be read by incoming freshmen, not existing ones, etc.). 

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Eleanor is the chubby new girl with big, red hair. Unsure of herself and alone, Eleanor embarks on yet another first day at a new school. Targeted by bullies from the beginning based on her appearance, including a penchant for wearing men’s clothes, Eleanor just wants to disappear. Not only is school difficult, her home life doesn’t give her much solace either. Eleanor lives with her mother, four younger siblings and an unpredictable stepfather who becomes more sinister over the course of the story.

Park is the quiet, shy half-Korean student at Eleanor’s new school in Omaha, Nebraska. Feeling like an outsider most of his life, he is drawn to Eleanor when her first sees her, if only because he knows the bullies will eat her alive. Coming from a more stable home than Eleanor, Park still has to endure the constant reminder that he is not the sports loving athlete that his brother is.

On the first day of school, Eleanor steps on the bus and Park senses immediately that she will attract the attention of bullies. Apprehensive at first, as to not draw attention to himself, Park eventually offers Eleanor a seat next to him. Thus begins the friendship of an unlikely pair that blossoms into love through a shared interest in comic books and 80s music.