BHS Seniors Slam at Stories Live


Earlier this spring, BHS students had the opportunity to participate in a storytelling workshop facilitated by Norah Dooley from Mass Mouth. Ms. Dooley has worked with high-schoolers across the state, sharing her curriculum with educators and students in an effort to celebrate personal expression and emphasize the cultural significance and emotional impact of this art-form. The curriculum also connects the oral tradition of storytelling to a very practical process in many high school students’ lives: the process of writing a college admissions essay.  The program asks students to explore their experiences and address some story prompts that mirror those included as options on the Common Application for college admission.

Tiny-Banner-2014-mm.inc_This past Saturday, two BHS seniors – Thomas Bezreh, first time participant, and Patrick Hoarty, one of last year’s winners – performed in Stories Live, a high school story slam competition organized by Mass Mouth.  Both BHS competitors shared their humorous personal experiences, one an “epic fail,” and one a “first time,” with confidence and energy. This year, Tommy Bezreh was named one of the Mass Mouth Teacher’s Choice award winners and will receive a prize of $500.00 to be used toward educational expenses. Congratulations to both participants!

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