New Summer Reading Option: An Abundance of Katherines (Freshmen)

Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing the remaining titles that will become the summer reading options for the summer of 2015. Students will select one title from a list of around five novels per grade (In the subject line of the post, “Freshmen” means that the book will be read by incoming freshmen, not existing ones, etc.). 

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green


After being broken up with by his 19th girlfriend named Katherine, Colin Singleton is about to give up on ever finding true love. Everything reminds him of his last relationship with a Katherine, and he constantly evaluates and reevaluates the course of his previous relationships. His issues don’t stop there, though. Colin is a child prodigy who speaks eleven different languages and memorizes information as soon as he hears it, but he has no idea how to put his talents to good use in the world. Furthermore, in social situations, Colin has trouble figuring out what facts will be interesting to other people and which ones only amuse him. Despite all of his troubles, Colin is a lovable character who is easy to relate to. His issues may seem extreme–especially the 19 girlfriends of the same name–but upon closer examination, Colin’s experiences are just an exaggerated version of struggles common to every teenager.

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