Sidra Afzal (Class of 2017) Receives Two Amazing Honors

Sophomore Sidra Afzal has had a good month.

Her short story, “Officially Innocent,” was recently selected as the top piece of realistic fiction on the Teen Ink website. After reading the story, State Representative Ken Gordon brought the story to the State House, where he shared it with fellow members of the House of Representatives. Today, Representative Gordon came to BHS and visited with Sidra’s Creative Writing class, and presented her with a Certificate of Recognition from the state of Massachusetts for her excellent story (see below). He spoke with the class about the courage that Sidra showed in writing and publishing a story that confronted the prejudice that Muslim Americans face every day, and how glad he was that students at BHS were able to have such mature thoughts on such a difficult subject.Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.35.26 PM

Also, on May 23, Sidra was invited to Baltimore to participate in the 40th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention, as she had entered a spoken-word poetry competition whose theme was the life and trials of the prophet Muhammad. After performing her poem titled “He” in the semi-finals, Sidra was invited to perform in the finals of the competition, where she read her poem in front of 21,000 people (video below), and was declared the winner of the competition! Truly an amazing feat!

Congratulations, Sidra, on both of your impressive accomplishments!

[UPDATE: The title of this poem was originally misstated in this post]

8 thoughts on “Sidra Afzal (Class of 2017) Receives Two Amazing Honors

  1. Congratulations Sidra! You truly did an amazing job! I would have never been able to summon the courage to speak in front of 21,000 people much less recite something so kudos to you!

  2. Alhumdolillah,excellent, May Allah swt give you more and more strength and wisdome to bring a very possitve model of a Muslim teen.

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