More Writing Contests! Scholastic Writing, Poetry on the T!

Check out our Writing Contest wall throughout this year for updates, but two of the larger-profile contests of the school year have just opened up, and are seeking submissions.

Poetry on the T – There is a poetry contest open for all high school and middle school students in Massachusetts where the top poetry submissions will be featured on the T in Boston later this year. The deadline for this contest is September 28

The 2015-16 Scholastic Writing Awards – This is one of the most prestigious writing competitions in the country for high school students. Students are invited to submit their original stories, poems, essays, or portfolios to this contest. There is an entry fee, but the English Department will pay for the submissions as evenly as possible as long as the submissions come to Mr. Lally in room 316. Last year, seven BHS students were recognized for their excellent original works. Two students earned a Gold Key, and Anjali Seereeram (class of ’15) was featured in a Boston Globe article for being one of the five “American Voices” nominees, making her submission one of the best in the state last year. For more details on how to submit, click on the link above, or see Mr. Lally. The deadline for all submissions is December 11 (or December 15 if students wish to pay for their own submission).

The Marble Collection is now open for poetry and fiction submissions from all Massachusetts high school students. The deadline for the winter edition of the magazine is approximately December 15

And don’t forget:

The Collab Poetry Contest is running until October 1

The Smith Poetry Contest for Girls (top prize: $500) is open until December 1

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