2015 MCAS and SAT Scores – BHS English Hits All-Time Highs

Today, the DESE posted the data about how Massachusetts schools did on the MCAS and the SAT, and the English Department is very excited to report record-high marks in both exams.

The average 2014-15 SAT scores were a 533 in Reading, and a 527 in Writing, which marks a 20-point improvement over the last two years, and the 1060 combined score is the highest average BHS has ever produced. This average places Burlington 55 points above the state average in the English components, and marks only the second time we have outperformed the state by over 40 points.

The MCAS results were equally encouraging. This year saw a large gain in the percentage of students who scored as Advanced (the highest-possible score) in English – 60% of BHS students earned that mark, which is up from 51% last year (which was, incidentally, our best-ever performance at the time). The percentage of students earning the highest mark has gone up for four consecutive years. Our scores in the Needs Improvement and Warning categories remained stable. Overall, our SGP (Student Growth Percentile) score was a 52, and anything over 50 indicates progress and improvement (the state average is 50, and anything above 60 or below 40 is uncommon). More specific information will be coming out soon, regarding what specific areas were strengths and weaknesses on these exams, but for now, congratulations BHS students and teachers for your terrific results!

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