Saturday, October 17, is the Dewey 24-hour Readathon!

Needing a break from the workaday life? Sign up to be a part of the 24-hour readathon, a biannual event in which readers from around the world pledge to knock as much off of their To Be Read list as they possibly can in a single calendar day. Some go all in, trying to read for 24 hours straight. The BHS English Department, avid supporters of literature, do not wholly endorse this level of commitment. However, if you can manage to finish that book that has been patiently waiting for you, or if you read more than you generally do in a single day, then that’s a success!

If you wish to officially sign up (which allows you to be paired with a “cheerleader” who will post encouragements throughout the day on Twitter or Youtube or Instagram or EtCetera), then CLICK HERE for the official page!

Good Luck, Readers!

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