New British Coins to Feature Prominent British Authors

The United Kingdom has just announced the new designs that their currency will display in 2016, and among the new coins are two featuring British authors. A new two-pound coin will feature images of a skull and a crown, representing the tragedies and the histories written by William Shakespeare (see image below). Shakespeare

A 50p coin will show an image of children’s author Beatrix Potter, who was best known for the Peter Rabbit series. Say what you will about Shakespeare’s ability to write enduring characters. Potter must rank among the all-time best authors in creating characters’ names, like Hunca Munca (a mouse), Mr. Babbity Bumble (a bee), Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle ( a hedgehog… maybe a porcupine… not really sure) and Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise.

And bravo to the UK for selecting Potter. While the US collectively loses its mind in debates about whether or not a woman should be placed on our paper currency, they just went ahead and did it. Again.

For more on the announcement, click HERE.

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