Congratulations, Poetry Out Loud Teacher’s Choice Winners

The list of the 2016 Teacher’s Choice Award winners for Poetry Out Loud is now complete. With this award, each English teacher selects a performance in the semifinals that stood out for whatever reason – because of the strength of the performance, because of the challenge that the student overcame, because of the improvements that the student made over previous years, etc. Recipients receive a $10 gift card to True North, and are recognized in our English hallway with a write-up from the teacher.

This year’s winners are:

From Mrs. Bernard – Billy Robinson
From Ms. Bularzik – Nick Campagna
From Mrs. Crossman – Claudia Webb
From Ms. Graham – Ada Wiggins
From Mr. Hill – Julianna Grossman
From Mrs. Janovitz – Jamie Thierrien
From Mr. Lally – Dan McCarthy
From Ms. Lee – Dakota Scalzi
From Mrs. MacKay – Jessica Sarver
From Mrs. McKee – Mathew Mitchell
From Ms. Netishen – Carli Boodakian
From Ms. Roberts – Muskan Kaw
From Mrs. Rose – Cally Allain
From Ms. Smetana – Oriane Hoeman

Congratulations to our 2016 Teacher’s Choice Award Winners!

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