2016 English MCAS Scores: BHS Remains strong

The results of the 2016 MCAS exam were posted today on the statewide DESE website, and BHS is proud to announce that this year, we had 56% of our students perform at the Advanced level on the English Language Arts portion of the exam, which outperformed the state average by nine percentage points. While this is slightly down from last year’s results, where we had 60% of our scores in the highest category, it stands as the second-highest percentage of Advanced scores BHS has ever earned in the 18-year history of the MCAS.

We will no longer be able to report our SGP score – the score that measures our students’ growth over the last time they took the exam – as the current jurors did not take the MCAS in 8th grade; they took the PARCC exam instead. Therefore, it is impossible to measure each student’s growth across two entirely different exams.

The state plans on releasing SAT scores soon, and we may be able to provide better specifics about the MCAS results soon, but for now, congratulations BHS students and teachers on another strong performance!

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