BHS PSAT Results

The College Board recently released the results of the PSAT exam, and we in the English Department are pleased to share our results. The scoring of the PSAT has recently changes (read about it here) so it has become very difficult to compare our scores to previous years to see how our students are trending, but taken in isolation, this year’s results are encouraging.

Our sophomores who took the exam earned an average score of 495, which was 14 points above the state average, and 23 points higher than the national average. According to the College Board, this score indicates that 79% of our sophomores are college ready (i.e. they would be able to score a C or better in a freshmen-level college course right now). This percentage is higher than both the state’s college readiness percentage (68) and the national percentage (64).

Our juniors fared even better, earning an average score of 550, which was 40 points higher than the state average for juniors, and 36 points higher than the national average. And an impressive 87% of our students were deemed to be college ready, nearly twenty points higher than the state average for juniors (68%) and the national average (69%).

Across both grades, our students earned a score that averaged 24 points higher than the state average on the ERW (Reading and writing) portion of the exam.

It is difficult to know how well these numbers correspond to the previous exams, which gave a different score for Writing and for Reading, but the performance by our juniors is quite likely one of the top performances of all time by BHS students. The sophomores’ performance also pairs well with how our sophomores have done in recent years.

Congratulations, BHS!

BHS English Student of the Month (November): Bruna Borlina

Starting this year, the BHS English Department will highlight a student of the month to recognize a student’s efforts and accomplishments in his or her English class. Our winner for the month of November is sophomore Bruna Borlina.


Congratulations, Bruna!

From Ms. Bernard: Bruna is an extremely hard worker. She is constantly working to improve her writing and her efforts are impressive. She isn’t afraid of a challenge and advocates for herself in the classroom. We are so happy to have her in class this year. Bruna definitely deserves this accolade- congratulations Bruna!

Career Day at BHS – 12/12/16

Reminder to Students:

HERE is a link to a list of all of the students registered to participate in Career Day on Monday, including their selected professions.

Also, attached below is the modified schedule for the day.

Period 1 7:38 – 8:16 38 minutes
Period 2 8:19 – 8: 57 38 minutes
Period 8 SESSION 1 9:00 – 9: 35 35 minutes
Period 8 SESSION 2 9:40 – 10: 15 35 minutes
Period 3 10:18 – 10: 56 38 minutes
Period 4 10: 59 – 11:37 38 minutes
                   Lunch 1

Period 5

               11:40 – 12:02

12:05 – 12: 43

22 minutes

38 minutes

Period 5

                   Lunch 2

11: 40 – 12:18

              12:21 – 12:43

38 minutes

22 minutes

Period 6 12:46 -1:20 36 minutes
Period 7 1:23 – 2:00 37 minutes

During Block 8, FRESHMEN will report to the auditorium for Naviance training and time to complete a self assessment survey. They will stay there for approximately 35 minutes and then return to their homerooms.

SOPHOMORES will meet with their guidance counselors in various locations throughout the building. These sessions will not last for the duration of the long block 8; they will return to homerooms once the sessions have concluded.

All  JUNIORS, and SENIORS who have signed up to attend the career speaker sessions will report to the assigned locations. Those who are not participating in the career sessions will use the period as an extended study (1 hour and 15 minutes). Seniors who did not register will report to Cafeteria A for study. Juniors who did not register will report to Cafeteria B for study.

Nearly 100 BHS Students Take in Broadway Play

On Wednesday, November 30, 97 BHS students and five members of the English Department went to New York City to see the Broadway production of the classic play, The Front Page. The students left the school at 6:30 in the morning, and despite a consistent drizzle, took a tour of Central Park, and parts of Fifth Avenue before seeing the play, a star-studded comedy about the press industry in 1920s Chicago that featured Nathan Lane, John Goodman, and John Slattery among many other star actors. The students got to see Time Square lit up that evening, and walked past the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center just hours before it was lit for the first time this season. Overall, despite the weather, the trip was a success, and we hope the students had an enjoyable time.

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