Congratulations, 2017 Poetry Out Loud Semifinalists!

The semifinals for our 11th annual Poetry Out Loud competition are now finalized, and our 96 competitors are posted in the English hallway. Good luck to our competitors!

We also wanted to send an early shout out to the students who have made it into our POL Hall of Fame for their sustained success. It’s becoming harder every year for students to make it to the semifinals year after year. This year, out of our 96 semifinalists, there are only 27 who have been on our semifinals stage before! So especially impressive are the multi-year semifinalists, and we’d like to congratulate Ben Horgan, Sarah Iodice, Dan McCarthy, Ivy Saltsman, and Zyann Sharkah, all of whom are appearing in their THIRD POL semifinals this year.

Even more impressive, great job to Laura Frustaci and Rebecca Haded, who have made it to the semifinals for the FOURTH STRAIGHT YEAR!!! Impressive! Only 21 students have ever managed that accomplishment.

You can see the entire list of current BHS students who have ever appeared in our semifinals HERE, and the 2017 semifinalists are in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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