Congratulations, 2017 Poetry Out Loud Finalists!

Congratulations to the following students, who advanced to the finals of our 2017 Poetry Out Loud competition: Dan McCarthy, Zyann Sharkah, Neha Patel, Julianna Grossman, Gati Aher, Neil Bhammar, Jenny L’Heureux, and Becca Haded. Great job! The eight finalists will compete on February 7 to determine who is the BHS POL Champion for 2017.

Neil was performing in his third semifinals, which we failed to mention in our previous post. Fiona Maxwell, who filled in at the last minute to represent her class, also deserves recognition as a four-time semifinalist. Congratulations to both!

Here are the lists of the top three performances per period during today’s Poetry Out Loud semifinals. Congratulations to our eight finalists, who will compete for the 2017 Championship on Tuesday, February 7. The updated list of semifinalists at BHS can be found HERE

Dan McCarthy
The Uniform
by Marvin Bell

2nd Place
Harry White
Good People

3rd Place
Savni Sarolkar
The Nail

Zyann Sharkah
There Are Birds Here
by Jamaal May

2nd Place
Grace Muggale
Dyed Carnations

3rd Place
Dakota Scalzi
Momma Said

Neha Patel
Bleeding Heart
by Carmen Giménez Smith

2nd Place
Zachary Bilodeau
Mid-Term Break

3rd Place
Madison Metzdorf
Quite Frankly

Julianna Grossman
Adam’s Curse
by W. B. Yeats

2nd Place
Aysha Afzal
The Obligation to be Happy

3rd Place (3-way tie!)
Madison Hoyt
Alyssa Porter
Stavan Shah

Gati Aher
To Live with a Landscape
by Constance Urdang

2nd Place
Neil Bhammar
Wildcard Winner

3rd Place
Sidra Afzal
Do Not!

Jenny L’Heureux
Bleeding Heart
by Carmen Giménez Smith

2nd Place
Ivy Saltsman
Please Don’t

3rd Place
Ben Horgan
Camouflaging the Chimera

Becca Haded
Lovers’ Infiniteness
by John Donne

2nd Place
Laura Frustaci
That Everything’s Inevitable

3rd Place
Dan Xue

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