The 30-Day Responsible Citizen Challenge Starts TOMORROW!

Ms. Janovitz’s AP students are launching their 30-day Responsible Citizenship Challenge tomorrow, and the project will run through the end of March. The project encourages BHS students and faculty members to be more proactive about modeling responsible citizenship throughout the month, and has created a list of daily challenges to complete.

The first three challenges are:
March 1 – Research a current political issue that you hear about, but do not feel informed about
March 2 – Promote involvement in a school activity and plan on attending a school event
March 3 – Make a list of 5 questions to ask someone who supported a different candidate than you.

If you’d like to find out more about this project, please CLICK HERE

And, even better, if you would like to register to participate, CLICK HERE!

Attention Writers: Enter These Four Writing Contests

Attention, poets, essayists, and creative writers – there are currently four writing contests that have come to our attention that you might be interested in entering. In order of their due dates, they are:

The 12th Annual Will McDonough Writing Contest – This is a sports-themed writing competition that has several categories:

  • Great Moments in Sports – Write a narrative essay (fiction or non-fiction) about watching or playing in a great Boston sports moment
  • Sports Rivals – Write an essay on what you think is the greatest New England sports rivalry
  • Good Sports/Bad Sports – Write a narrative essay (fiction or non-fiction) about an individual or team who has displayed exceptionally good or exceptionally poor sportsmanship
  • Excessive Celebration in Sports – Write a persuasive essay that handles whether or not sports leagues should have rules that limit forms of celebration.

Due Date: MARCH 3 – Word limit: 600 word maximum for grades 9 & 10, 700 words for grades 11 & 12
PRIZE: First place receives a Kindle, and tickets to a ceremony at the March 29th Celtics game

Facing History Essay Contest – This is an essay contest that carries some significant cash prizes – The top three entries will receive a $5,000 scholarship, and the seven honorable mentions will earn a $1,000 scholarship. Here is the prompt, via their website:

Facing History and Ourselves works to create a society of thoughtful citizens who think deeply about the way they live as they make choices in their local communities and confront issues of global concern. We hope that students will believe that their choices do matter and will feel compelled to think carefully about the decisions they make, realizing that their choices will ultimately shape the world.

Elie Wiesel (1928-2016), the Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, once spoke of the importance of learning about people who were rescuers during the Holocaust. He said, “Let us not forget, after all, that there is always a moment when the moral choice is made. Often because of one story or one book or one person, we are able to make a different choice, a choice for humanity, for life.”

Please write an essay responding to Wiesel’s quote in 500 words or less. What story, book, or person has influenced your thinking about ethical decision making? What has it taught you about how you can participate as a caring, thoughtful citizen in the world around you?

The contest opens for submissions on March 1, and the deadline is March 15

For more information on the rules and regulations, please CLICK HERE

The Longfellow Poetry Contest – This contest is open to all Massachusetts high school poets. Any student who wishes to enter should do the following:

Mail ONE original poem to:
Longfellow Poetry Contest
Longfellow House Washington’s Headquarters NHS
105 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA  02138

On the entry, please include: Name, Grade, Your English Teacher, Your School & School Address (123 Cambridge Street)

PRIZE: Cash prize, and an invitation to a poetry ceremony on June 4

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contests – This is a series of contests calling for poems, stories, film, and artwork that makes viewers reflect on the impact of ocean pollution, inspire them to consider possible solutions, and challenge them to take action.

For the rules and restrictions, please CLICK HERE

PRIZES: Cash prizes up to $1,500 – click the above link for details


Hmmm… What Should You Take Next Year? An English Elective.

Course Selection season is underway. We’re beside ourselves.

If you are unsure about what electives to take next year, we humbly suggest the English Department Electives – we offer courses in the following:

Media Production
Public Speaking
Creative Writing (Fiction OR Poetry)
Contemporary Literature
Young Adult Fiction
Film & Media Studies
Leadership and Social Change
Writing and Reading Lab

To find out a bit more about each class, CLICK HERE

Read the Winter 2017 Edition of the Devil’s Advocate HERE

The most recent edition of the BHS school newspaper, the Devil’s Advocate, came out this week, and features stories on the upcoming Responsible Citizenship Challenge, Donald Trump’s rocky first month as president, sports articles on gymnastics, football, and hockey, as well as many other stellar articles.

If you didn’t get a copy, or if you’d like to read the paper from home, CLICK HERE to go to the newspaper’s website, where you’ll find a full-color digital copy of the paper.

Congratulations, editors, on another excellent edition!

Devil’s Advocate Editors Earn Award For Recent Article

Congratulations to the Devil’s Advocate, our school newspaper; editors Alyssa Porter, Lily Algieri, Ranya Paul, and Dylan Lechner have recently received a New England Scholastic Press Association journalism award in “Special Contest on Localizing” for their video article titled, “More ZZZ’s for BHS?” which examined the discussions of a later start time at our school. This is the second-straight year that BHS students have been recognized for their excellent work, and it is the first time it happened for one of their video broadcasts. Congratulations to our four winners! Also to Ms. Graham, our Journalism teacher and the head of the Devil’s Advocate, for her hard work!

To watch the article, see below!

Congratulations, Gati Aher, 2017 POL Champion!

Congratulations to sophomore Gati Aher, who took home the 2017 Poetry Out Loud crown on Tuesday with her stellar performances of Sonnet 1 by Sir Philip Sydney, and To Live With a Landscape by Constance Urdang. Gati became only the second sophomore to win our competition in the eleven years of Poetry Out Loud at BHS, and she will move on to compete in the state semifinals in Framingham on Saturday, March 4.

The top three this year were rounded out by sophomore Julianna Grossman, our 2017 runner up, and juniors Neil Bhammar and Jenny L’Heureux, who tied for third. This was the first time we have ever had a top-three in our competition that did not include any seniors.

The Burlington Patch has put together a slideshow of excellent photos from the finals on THIS PAGE, and check back soon – we’ll have a link to the finished video of the finals once it is available.

Congratulations to Gati, and to all of our eight finalists, who were all truly excellent in their performances this year!

Congratulations to the 2017 POL Teacher’s Choice Awards

One of the aspects of Poetry Out Loud that we like the most in the English Department is seeing students rise to the occasion and deliver their best performance. We try to recognize some of these efforts with our annual Teacher’s Choice Awards. With this award, each English teacher selects a performance in the semifinals that stood out for whatever reason – because of the strength of the performance, because of the challenge that the student overcame, because of the improvements that the student made over previous years, etc. Recipients receive a $10 gift card to True North, and are recognized in our English hallway with a write-up from the teacher.

This year’s winners are:

From Ms. Bernard – Sean Sullivan
From Ms. Bularzik – Grace Muggle
From Ms. Crossman – Tony Kanyike
From Ms. Graham – Diana Sears
From Mr. Hill – Brendan Lucas
From Ms. Janovitz – John Francis Hornicek
From Mr. Lally – Neil Ford
From Ms. Lee – Christian Weisse
From Ms. MacKay – Bailey Towle
From Ms. McKee – Amanda Melin
From Ms. Netishen – Marlea Gainley
From Ms. Rose – Allison McCaffery
From Ms. Shalkoski – Claudia Webb
From Ms. Smetana – Neil Pandit

Congratulations to our 2017 Teacher’s Choice Award Winners! Our Semifinalist History page has been updated to include their recognition, as well as the students who ranked in the top three in each period this year.