Congratulations to the 2017 POL Teacher’s Choice Awards

One of the aspects of Poetry Out Loud that we like the most in the English Department is seeing students rise to the occasion and deliver their best performance. We try to recognize some of these efforts with our annual Teacher’s Choice Awards. With this award, each English teacher selects a performance in the semifinals that stood out for whatever reason – because of the strength of the performance, because of the challenge that the student overcame, because of the improvements that the student made over previous years, etc. Recipients receive a $10 gift card to True North, and are recognized in our English hallway with a write-up from the teacher.

This year’s winners are:

From Ms. Bernard – Sean Sullivan
From Ms. Bularzik – Grace Muggle
From Ms. Crossman – Tony Kanyike
From Ms. Graham – Diana Sears
From Mr. Hill – Brendan Lucas
From Ms. Janovitz – John Francis Hornicek
From Mr. Lally – Neil Ford
From Ms. Lee – Christian Weisse
From Ms. MacKay – Bailey Towle
From Ms. McKee – Amanda Melin
From Ms. Netishen – Marlea Gainley
From Ms. Rose – Allison McCaffery
From Ms. Shalkoski – Claudia Webb
From Ms. Smetana – Neil Pandit

Congratulations to our 2017 Teacher’s Choice Award Winners! Our Semifinalist History page has been updated to include their recognition, as well as the students who ranked in the top three in each period this year.

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