Attention Writers: Enter These Four Writing Contests

Attention, poets, essayists, and creative writers – there are currently four writing contests that have come to our attention that you might be interested in entering. In order of their due dates, they are:

The 12th Annual Will McDonough Writing Contest – This is a sports-themed writing competition that has several categories:

  • Great Moments in Sports – Write a narrative essay (fiction or non-fiction) about watching or playing in a great Boston sports moment
  • Sports Rivals – Write an essay on what you think is the greatest New England sports rivalry
  • Good Sports/Bad Sports – Write a narrative essay (fiction or non-fiction) about an individual or team who has displayed exceptionally good or exceptionally poor sportsmanship
  • Excessive Celebration in Sports – Write a persuasive essay that handles whether or not sports leagues should have rules that limit forms of celebration.

Due Date: MARCH 3 – Word limit: 600 word maximum for grades 9 & 10, 700 words for grades 11 & 12
PRIZE: First place receives a Kindle, and tickets to a ceremony at the March 29th Celtics game

Facing History Essay Contest – This is an essay contest that carries some significant cash prizes – The top three entries will receive a $5,000 scholarship, and the seven honorable mentions will earn a $1,000 scholarship. Here is the prompt, via their website:

Facing History and Ourselves works to create a society of thoughtful citizens who think deeply about the way they live as they make choices in their local communities and confront issues of global concern. We hope that students will believe that their choices do matter and will feel compelled to think carefully about the decisions they make, realizing that their choices will ultimately shape the world.

Elie Wiesel (1928-2016), the Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, once spoke of the importance of learning about people who were rescuers during the Holocaust. He said, “Let us not forget, after all, that there is always a moment when the moral choice is made. Often because of one story or one book or one person, we are able to make a different choice, a choice for humanity, for life.”

Please write an essay responding to Wiesel’s quote in 500 words or less. What story, book, or person has influenced your thinking about ethical decision making? What has it taught you about how you can participate as a caring, thoughtful citizen in the world around you?

The contest opens for submissions on March 1, and the deadline is March 15

For more information on the rules and regulations, please CLICK HERE

The Longfellow Poetry Contest – This contest is open to all Massachusetts high school poets. Any student who wishes to enter should do the following:

Mail ONE original poem to:
Longfellow Poetry Contest
Longfellow House Washington’s Headquarters NHS
105 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA  02138

On the entry, please include: Name, Grade, Your English Teacher, Your School & School Address (123 Cambridge Street)

PRIZE: Cash prize, and an invitation to a poetry ceremony on June 4

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contests – This is a series of contests calling for poems, stories, film, and artwork that makes viewers reflect on the impact of ocean pollution, inspire them to consider possible solutions, and challenge them to take action.

For the rules and restrictions, please CLICK HERE

PRIZES: Cash prizes up to $1,500 – click the above link for details


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