BHS English Dept Student of the Month – Dwigins Rousseau! (Class of 2020)

Dwigins Rousseau is a freshman in Ms. Smetana’s Intro to Literature I class, and is our selection for English Department Student of the Month for January (please excuse as we get caught up!)

Along with her endorsement, Ms. Smetana added the following: Dwigins Rousseau’s willingness to take risks sets him apart from his peers. For example, when he discovered a classmate had chosen the Poetry Out Loud poem he had already memorized, Dwigins chose a new poem with only days to prepare.  Not only did Dwigins successfully recite that new poem, but he ended up advancing to the semi-finals.  Dwigins often steps up in moments when others hesitate– whether it be volunteering to read his personal writing aloud, helping a classmate, or answering a tough question. Overall, Dwigins enhances the class community by exemplifying courage, genuine curiosity, and optimism.  


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