Brandy Sales Presents to BHS Seniors

The BHS English Department would like to thank Brandy Sales, video producer and video marketing coach from  WeCast Productions, for spending the day speaking to BHS seniors about interviewing skills. Sales presented a workshop for students designed to teach them how to use the art of interviewing to create engaging and impactful videos and podcasts. BHS English teacher Amanda Lee organized the workshop in an effort to help prepare students for the senior research assignment.

This year, seniors are working on a new research project that requires them to address the following question: How can I impact change in society? They are tasked with identifying a topic of interest to them, developing a path of inquiry that helps them understand that topic, researching that topic, and proposing a way to address a problem related to that topic. Students are exploring a wide range of subjects, from using dance in special education classes to building youth leadership programs. Part of the research component of the assignment requires students to conduct an expert interview. The final component of the project is a digital presentation using a medium of the student’s choice.

At today’s workshop, students had the opportunity to hear from an expert on how to conduct effective interviews that will lead to a deeper understanding of a topic, while also creating engaging content for their digital presentation. Sales introduced BHS seniors to different types of questions that will produce the best results, offered specific examples of interviewing strategies, and gave advice on how to make the most out of an interview designed for video or podcast presentations. In his final thoughts to students as the workshop closed, Sales emphasized that students can have a huge impact on the world by creating something that is generated from a one hour conversation; they just need to know how to direct that conversation, and they need to believe in their own message.

Thanks again to Brandy Sales, Burlington resident, for generously contributing his time and expertise to help BHS students!

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