Poetry Out Loud Semifinalists Take the Stage

Yesterday, BHS students participated in the twelfth annual school-wide Poetry Out Loud semifinals competition. Prior to this event, every BHS student memorized and recited a poem in their English class. They worked to understand nuances of meaning and develop personal interpretations of their chosen poems. They practiced effective presentation and performance skills – emphasizing voice, physical presence, and appropriateness of dramatization. They presented their recitations to their classmates and two performers from each class, 106 students in total, were chosen to take the stage at yesterday’s contest. While judges and audience members were impressed by all the recitations, eight students were selected as finalists. Those eight students will memorize and prepare a second poem to recite at the final competition next Thursday. We can’t wait to see what those students bring to that stage.

Congratulations to all BHS students for taking on this challenge! We applaud your hard work, and celebrate your success in completing a difficult task. Poetry is powerful and we are grateful that BHS students get to see that power brought to life by their classmates.

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