AP Language (Grade 11)

Advanced Placement Language and Composition; A.K.A. American Literature: Too Fast, Too Furious

This Advanced Placement class is for students who are up for a challenge; who are excited about the mechanics of reading, writing, discussion, and thinking; and who enjoy putting a little elbow grease into the daily maintenance of their schoolwork.

Coursework involves annotating, analysis and discussion of: fiction novels; nonfiction essays and books; movies; music; magazines; and general cultural items of interest.  Novels include The Scarlet Letter, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby and The Shining.  Nonfiction texts include but are not limited to Into the Wild, Travels with Charley, and approximately several thousand short essays and articles.

You are Paul Walker: an enthusiastic rookie who loves his work but needs a little fine-tuning.  This class is Vin Diesel, providing the tools, repairs, and opportunity to get any enthusiastic and capable driver out onto the Audobahn.

–  Enrollment in this course is dependent upon the recommendation of the sophomore English teacher.

–  Further, students in AP Language and Composition should read with accuracy and insight, and write in clear expository prose.

–  If you do not really like lots of reading, writing and thinking…this course will not be a good fit for you.


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