AP Literature (Grade 12)

This is a college-level English course that centers on analytical readings of poetry, drama, prose fiction, and expository literature – classic through contemporary. Units include: Literature as Cultural and Philosophical Exploration, Literature as Psychological Study, and Literature as Social and Political Commentary. Critical discussion and writing about the literature covered is a daily requirement. The goal of the course is to help students develop mature habits of critical thinking as independent readers of and writers about literature. Classroom discussion and active participation are vital to the course and necessary to the evolution of individual ideas. Students are not in the class to listen to their instructor’s views on literature, but rather to develop and foster their own views. Writing assignments will focus on literary criticism and analysis; however, additional assignments will be included. Students can expect a minimum of one writing assignment per week in addition to nightly critical reading and notation assignments. The class is both demanding and intellectually stimulating. While it is by no means strictly a preparatory class for the AP exam, this course will emphasize the development of skills necessary to achieve academic success, including those skills addressed on the AP exam.

This course is open to seniors only.

But don’t let us tell you why you should take AP Literature. Take it from your peers:

Also, there is no set curriculum for any AP class, and the textual offerings are more liable to yearly change, based on the teacher’s discretion, but collected below are the units of study covered in the past three years in this course.



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