Crossman: Honors Introduction to Literature II (018)

Course Expectations 018 2013

Assignments and Due Dates
     NB:  This is an incomplete list of assignments and is subject to change.  Pay attention        to the homework board!

Grammar Quiz (pronouns):  Monday 5/5

“The Things They Carried”:  Tuesday, 5/6

Exploros 16 homework:  Wednesday, 5/7

“Love” and “Spin”:  Thursday, 5/8

Vocab 16 Quiz:  Friday, 5/9

“On the Rainy River,” “Enemies” and “Friends”:  Monday,  5/12

MCAS:  Tues. and Wed., 5/13-14

“How to Tell a True War Story” and “The Dentist”:  Thursday, 5/15

Exploros 17 homework:  Friday, 5/16

Grammar Quiz (Lists 7&8 and Hyphenation):  Monday, 5/19

“Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong,” “Stockings,” and “Church”:  Tuesday, 5/20

Your group project chapter(s)Thursday, 5/22

Vocab 17 Quiz:  Friday 5/23

Exploros 18 homework:  Friday, 5/30

Quiz on all independent reading chapters***:  Monday, 6/2

     “The Man I Killed”
“Speaking of Courage”
“In the Field”
“Good Form”
“Field Trip”
“Ghost Soldiers”
“Night Life”
“Lives of the Dead”

*** You will have one quiz on all eleven of these chapters (not just on your group’s assigned chapters). Take brief notes as you read so that you can review the chapters before the quiz.  These chapters comprise approximately 120 pages.  Do the math.  If you read roughly  15-20 pages every night for homework, you will be finished with the reading in time for the quiz.

Group Presentations:  Start Tuesday, 6/3

RTPA:  Thursday, 6/5

Vocab 18 Quiz:  Friday, 6/6


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