Current Brilliant Observation

The Rules: Your response must be typed, in Times New Roman, Font 12 (Microsoft Word’s default typeset), double-spaced, and it must be AT LEAST however long I assign. Don’t try any of the following tricks:

–       Font 13 or more
–       a different, and bigger font
–       double-and-a-half spaced or greater
–       squashed margins
–       all sorts of unnecessary information at the top. Your heading should look follow the format provided in the insert sheet in your writing folder

All of the above are uncreative ways of making it seem like you actually did work, when in fact you did not. (If I stuck a Jaguar hood ornament on my car, it would still be a Ford.) I’ve seen all of these tricks before, and each time, the student thought that he or she was really clever and that I was an idiot. Neither turned out to be true. Be honest. IF YOU TRY ANY OF THESE TRICKS,  IT WILL BE CONSIDERED AN INCOMPLETE, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO ON YOUR HOMEWORK GRADE (out of 20 points)



FULL CARTE BLANCHE ESSAY! We will go over the process in class, but for this essay, you will be responsible for your own thesis. AVOID LOOKING UP “IMPORTANT THEMES” ETC ON SHMOOP. REFERRING TO THAT SITE (and other similar ones) FOR QUOTES AND THEMES IS PLAGIARISM

DON’T FORGET – YOUR THESIS OUGHT TO ADDRESS SOME BIGGER CONCERN – Make sure you are analyzing, and not just indicating or suggesting.

WEAK THESIS = Holden’s hat represents his desire to be protected

BETTER THESIS = By symbolizing Holden’s desire to be protected through his cheap red hunting hat, Salinger implies that Holden’s self-made expectations are artificial and are therefore bound to fail

This italicized section will take the thesis beyond just taking a logical stab at what a Salinger symbol “means”

Requirement:  1.5 pages, which means you get down to the line that is on the insert in your folder – proper MLA formatting takes up about 1/4 of a page, but that doesn’t count toward your writing. For help with formatting, CLICK HERE

Starting in quarter 2, you will also have to provide a top-down web of the 2 remaining body paragraphs which includes a debatable topic sentence and 3 points – ALL OF WHICH ARE ASSERTIONS, NOT FACTS.  You ought to think about quotes as well, but that’s on you. Also, starting in Q2, if you do not get to 1.5 pages, you cannot earn more than 10 points. And if you are not attempting to break down your quotes, that is a 5-point deduction.


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