Sophomore: Analytical Writing

All sophomores, regardless of level, are expected to cover and know these writing concepts for their analytical essays, which is the most common style of writing they will complete. Click on each item on the list for further explanations, or for exercises to reinforce the concept. Also, all sophomores are expected to retain the concepts that they went over in their freshmen classes. For a reminder of those concepts, revisit our FRESHMEN ANALYTICAL WRITING PAGE

FIRST SEMESTER: Creating a Better Thesis
Analytical Thesis
Arguable and Provable Topic Sentences
The “Funnel” Introductory Paragraph
The “Reverse Funnel” Concluding Paragraph

SECOND SEMESTER: Using Quotes Well
Analyzing Quotes
Introduction to Literary Criticism
How to Cite Secondary Sources / Works Cited Page
Being Concise

Avoid “The Reader”
The “Frosted Mini-Wheat Title”
Sample Quote Explication

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