Introduction Format: Hook, Reasons, Thesis

  1. Begin your intro with a HOOK. A hook is a way to capture your reader’s attention. You might begin by asking your reader a question or series of questions or by providing a startling fact, a confession, a quotation, a hint of what is to come, an interjection, a description, or an anecdote. You might also choose to provide some historical background information as a lead in to your paper if it is relevant.
  1. State your REASON ONE in a sentence.
  1. State your REASON TWO in another sentence.
  1. State your REASON THREE in yet one more a sentence.
  1. And so forth….

    *Please remember—your reasons will be the same as your Topic Sentences, in different words

The last sentence of your introduction is always your THESIS (the central thought in your writing that takes a stand, highlights a feature of a subject, or explains what you are analyzing/arguing).

Make sure you include the author and title of the work in your introduction paragraph.

  • The author’s name must be capitalized and spelled correctly.
  • The title must be either underlined or italicized: Lord of the Flies or  Lord of the Flies.
  • Capitalize all words in the title except articles (the, a, an…), conjunctions (and, or, nor…), prepositions (of, under, after…), and the word “to”.  Always capitalize the first word in a title.

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