Creative Writing: Fiction – Non-Negotiable Demands

In the 1980s, a poetry magazine called The Reaper published an article outlining their Ten Non-Negotiable Demands – ten rules that poets had to follow going forward, such as “Accuracy as all costs” and “no more poems about poetry”. We also have some rules that we MUST follow in this class.


  • No Non-Fiction pieces
  • All pieces MUST have a title
  • Editing is NOT the same thing as revising
  • Watching is NOT participating (sorry, gang…)
  • Being on your smartphone / iPad is being off topic
  • A work in progress is fine. Something abandoned is not.
  • There IS such thing as self-plagiarism
  • In our workshop discussions & markups, be critical, but fair.
  • No excuses
  • No clichés


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