Where To Submit

A great resource: The annual Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market books, available online for next to nothing (if you’re willing to buy an outdated copy). Interested in getting a copy for free?? Join The Well-Read Devils! (click on the “Resources” tab above)

You can also type in searches like “short story contest” into Twitter, and there’s always something happening there.

Also, Be vigilant against “vanity presses” – publications that will accept *anything* just to dupe you into paying for your own poem, in print. A decent forum for discussing fraudulent publications can be found here.



Collab – the BHS Art & Literature magazine, now accepting submissions year-round

CLICK HERE for a pretty comprehensive list from NewPages.com that lists magazines geared toward the younger writer. Two notes: 1) There’s some redundancy between their list and mine. 2) For this list, “younger” means “really young” in some cases.

The Claremont Review – Publishes works created by writers ages 12-19

The Marble Collection – Exclusively for Massachusetts students. Send an inquiry before submitting – we’ve had some issues in the past with their not accepting poems at certain times during the year.

The Apprentice Writer – A print publication put together by Susquehanna University

Teen Ink – One of the largest student-only publications out there. This would be a good starting point, but go further than just this publication.

The Concord Review – Accepts student literary essays for publication

Hanging Loose Press – Try this one as well

Many Mountains Moving – Annual Poetry and Flash Fiction (1000 words max.) contests (WARNING – Looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while. For Flash Fiction, you can probably find something better pretty easily)

Polyphony HS – Pretty comprehensive magazine – highly endorsed

Here is a list of loads of contests – not necessarily just for students. (WARNING: A lot of dead links on this page. DEAD LINKS!)

Here’s a book that can help you get published


A Collection of Student Poetry Sites – This is a Canadian web page, so there are some French-language contests, and some regional ones, but overall, this is a good list.

Venues For Formal Poetry – A *VERY* useful site for anyone who writes poetry that employs rhyme and/or meter

Bright Hill Press – Browse around this page, there is often a poetry contest for high-school students. Check back every so often.


***Nothing Yet – still looking***

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