Public Speaking

Welcome to Public Speaking!

Do you hate speaking in public? Probably. According to a 2012 article in Psychology Today, we fear speaking in public more than we fear death. But that’s ridiculous! In this course, we will learn the techniques that make for a great public speaker. We’ll also practice writing different types of speeches, following an abridged form of the classical method of the Progymnasmata, a list of fourteen types of speech that takes the speaker from being an absolute beginner to being an expert orator.

Among some of the types of speeches we’ll cover in class are: The Fable, The Personal Narrative, the Tribute, the Rant, the Argument, and more.

This class will include games and exercises to give us practice with becoming more comfortable in front of an audience, and will give us a chance to practice some of the places in our lives where we may be called upon to speak in front of a group. We’ll see examples of excellent speeches, historical and contemporary, and try to break down why they work so well. This class will be awesome – and educational.

What Types of Speech Will We Learn?
How Will We Be Graded?

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