Course Syllabus

Here’s a rough estimate of the steps of the Progymnasmata that we will cover in class.

1. Intro – Speaking techniques, presentation and confidence – the basics
(9/6 to 9/14 – 7 days)

2. Fable – Telling a short story of someone else’s creation to impart meaning – Here is where we work on inflection and adding
(9/15 to 9/23 – 7 days)

3. Narrative – Writing and telling your own story (9/26 to 10/7)

4. Chreia / Anecdote – Amplify – Take a short story or anecdote or saying and expand upon what it really means in today’s world (10/11 to 10/21)
The 50 Most Common English Proverbs
Other Proverbs (long list!)


5. Proverb – Informative Speech – A speech that intends to explain the merits of something without taking a side (10/24 to 11/4)

6. Encomium – This is a speech of praise about a person – this can be a person you know, or a person in society whom you respect greatly. (11/7 to 11/23, as this unit gets interrupted by an election, Veterans’ Day, and Thanksgiving)

7. Invective – The hateful speech – This is a speech that intends to tear something down or tell why something is awful (11/28 to 12/9)

8. Debate – Either/Or – This is a speech whose intent it to persuade someone to believe a certain side of an argument – students will go up against one another to argue a point (12/12 to 12/22)

9. Culminating Unit – Using one of the modes of speech that we covered in class, write another speech, and deliver it with the skills that you’ve acquired since September. The Fable is not eligible for this speech.

In addition to these units, in each quarter, you will have to complete the TWO-MINUTE CHALLENGE – a timed speech which you must complete within close range of a target time. You may retake the two-minute challenge as many times as you wish during the semester.


NOTICE: In nearly every unit, you will be asked to write your own speech that ought to last 3-5 minutes,

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