You will be graded in three different territories in this class:

YOUR SPEECHES (50%) – This is clearly the most important part of this class – You will be graded on how well you follow the instructions that you receive in class regarding how to give a strong speech, or how to handle the different types of speeches that we cover. I will be grading more on effort than on finished product, so if you have no experience whatsoever in speaking in front of a group, you are not at a disadvantage here. All of my notes on how well you do on your speeches, along with any suggestions that I have for improvement, will be posted in Aspen in the comments section next to your grade.

YOUR WRITING (30%) – Since you will not present every one of your speeches, you will need to be able to show that you understand the basic elements of narrative, of the encomium, of the structuring of any good public speech in the written versions that you create in class. As the class progresses, you will also be graded on how well you present your notes, in addition to the strength of your writing. I generally do not give as much feedback on the writing portion of the class in Aspen.

YOUR ATTENTION (20%) – Put away your phones. There are many, many ways that you might end up not being a perfect and attentive audience member in this class, but your phone is public enemy number one. Part of your role as an audience member will be to provide suggestions, encouragement, and praise to your peers who are practicing their speeches. You simply cannot do that if you are keeping up with your super-rad SnapChat feed, or using class time to read HILARIOUS Twitter posts about snow delays or whatnot. Be present. Live in the moment. You will be rewarded. Other common offenders that cost you points in this section: Off-topic conversations in class, eating crinkly snacks during presentations, general disrespect.