Honors Sophomores

Welcome to Introduction to Literature II – the sophomore English course. In this class, we cover a wide range of texts from the very old (Oedipus Rex – published over 2,000 years ago) to the modern (Life of Pi, a 21st-century novel). We cover many different types of writing, as we read four novels covering the 19th and 20th centuries, two novellas, one short story unit, two plays – one classical and one recent – a graphic novel, and an extensive poetry unit. For more information, see our 2016-17 Course Description (link goes to a PDF).

On this site, you will find the documents that we will use in class – homework and grammar sheets, our biweekly syllabi, and the poems that we will use in class. I may begin to distribute some of this information via Google Classroom this year.

If you ever lose your work, or if you need to study for a quiz and no longer have the original sheet, you can find them all here.

Please keep in mind that the uploaded course syllabi are subject to change, and the ones posted here are sometimes slightly inaccurate once our class is actually underway.

Current Syllabus
Essay Criteria (click here to see exactly how I grade the essays each quarter)
Current Brilliant Observation
Tips on Close Reading / Annotation
Vocab Warriors
Grammar Handouts (under reconstruction)
Writing Handouts (under reconstruction)
Sample Quote Explication

Need help with class? Go to the Reading & Writing Lab (2016-17)


Midterm Review List – 2015 (WILL BE UPDATED)
Final Review List – 2016 (WILL BE UPDATED

Poetry Packet – 2016-17 (including TPCASTT Sheet)
Sample Poetry Markup
Sample Poetry Essay (webpage)
Sample Poetry Essay (download)
Suggested List of Poems for Recitation (simply my suggestions of good poems – MOST OF THESE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR POETRY OUT LOUD, but are eligible for my in-class recitation)


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