McKee, D.


2016 marks my 22nd year as an English and Public Speaking instructor, with the past twelve years spent teaching here at Burlington High School.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and my Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary English from Boston University.   Over the past two decades,  I have taught the gamut from freshman inclusion through Advanced Placement English Literature.  

On a personal note, I have lived in three different countries and traveled extensively, but am happily settled now in rural New Hampshire with my husband, three daughters, one grandson, and one neurotic greyhound.  When I have free time, I enjoy backyard birding, gardening, and bike riding on local rail trails.

Currently, I teach three classes (two Sophomore Honors English and one Public Speaking).  Depending on the class rotation, I am not always in school early in the morning or at the end of the school day for consultations or make-up work; therefore, I encourage parents to reach me via email at to schedule a specific time to meet.  


Google Classroom is my electronic site for all assignments, handouts and notifications.  As of September 2016, parents and guardians may sign up for Guardian Notifications, a new feature on Google Classroom which provides more detailed information on your child’s classwork (including upcoming and missed assignments).  A Google email account is required to access this feature.

Parents and guardians may still view the Google Classroom Calendar, which lists upcoming due dates for assignments, by clicking on the following links (no password or log-in required):

Sophomore English 2016-2017

Public Speaking 1st semester 2016

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