MLA Formatting

Your essays should be in MLA format – which is just another way of saying that they should all be set up to look the same. There are several style guides to follow, but the MLA is the most widely accepted, and we expect that you will begin using the MLA formatting guidelines for all of your essays at BHS. To make it easy, this page shows you exactly which information should be on the top of your essay, as well as some of the rules to follow when writing your paragraphs as well. To make it even easier, we’ve attached a template that you can download, and then just substitute in your own information. Then, for the rest of your time at BHS, when you have to write an essay, you can just open up an old essay of yours, change the relevant information at the top of the page, and then never have to worry about the formatting of your essays ever again.

Click on the MLA Header Template to download that image for your own files.

If you would like to read up some more on some of the finer points of MLA formatting, visit this page: Purdue OWL MLA Format


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