NYC Field Trip Itinerary & Info



Mr. Lally: 781.281.9658
Mrs. McKee: 781.281.9685

Field Trip Itinerary

NYC FIELD TRIP – BHS English Department

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

6:00 a.m. Students and teachers arrive at BHS

6:15 a.m. Buses arrive at BHS (circle).  Students get on designated bus A or B.

6:30 a.m. Buses leave BHS

8:00 a.m. Stop for breakfast/restroom (20 minutes)

11:30 a.m. Arrive at Central Park South, NYC and disembark.

Students are advised to eat their lunch on the bus, as we approach NYC – DO NOT LEAVE A MESS!!

Catcher in the Rye Walking Tour of Central Park South and Midtown with Teacher Chaperone.  OPTIONS INCLUDE:

  • Duck Pond
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Carousel
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Rockefeller Center (ice skating rink open through April)
  • Underground shopping at Rockefeller Center

1:30 p.m. All students/teachers arrive at Broadhurst Theatre, 235 W. 44th St

2:00 p.m. “The Front Page” play begins.

4:30 p.m. Play concludes.

All students/teachers walk to Times Square for sightseeing.

5:30 p.m. Students meet at designated bus pick-up location and board bus.

7:00 p.m. Stop for dinner/restrooms (Southern CT rest area)

11:00 p.m. Arrive back at BHS.  Parent pick-up.

Students will be assigned to buses according to the teacher
(Graham, Lally, Bernard, and Crossman – Bus #1, All other students – Bus #2)

Also, the students will remain with their teacher (or with one of your bus’s chaperones if your teacher is not attending) when we walk around NYC before the play.

TEACHER PAIRINGS – for when we are out in New York
All students will stay with their classroom teacher chaperone
The students involved in the BHS play will be with Mr. Hill
Ms. Bernard’s students will go with Ms. Graham
Ms. Crossman’s students will go with Mr. Lally. 

Students may sit with whomever they want during the play & during our rest stops

We will head to Times Square in one large group


  • A bag lunch and drink in a brown paper bag
  • Comfortable shoes (plan for up to 2 miles of walking)
  • Jacket
  • Cell phone (fully charged) and charger
  • Cash for breakfast/dinner and misc. ($25 min. recommended)
  • Map of NYC [teacher will provide] and our itinerary
  • Google Voice numbers (in case of emergency) – THESE ARE LOCATED AT THE TOP OF THIS WEBPAGE
  • Comfortable Shoes. We cannot stress this enough. You will not be able to get on the bus between Central Park and our return trip home.


  • Earbuds or headphones (bus will have WiFi)
  • Portable umbrella if the forecast calls for rain


  • No hats allowed in theater.  Please dress neatly.
  • Visit the restroom BEFORE the performance begins at 2:00 p.m.
  • Turn off your cell-phone and put it away.
  • Don’t speak during the performance (even whispering); it is very rude and distracting to the audience and actors (who can hear you!)
  • Remember that the Overture (introductory music) in Theater is part of the performance, so be quiet when it begins.
  • Never take pictures during the performance.
  • Do not eat, drink, or chew gum during the performance.
  • Remain in your seat for the entire performance, except for intermission at approx. 3:15 p.m.  Once intermission ends, you will see lights blink in the lobby or hear a chime indicating it is time to return to your seat.  BE ON TIME or you may be denied access to your seat!


  • All students must follow the “Buddy System” or walk in small groups while in the city.  NO STUDENT IS PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE GROUP ALONE.  Failure to do this jeopardizes your personal safety and is a violation of BHS rules.
  • Do not make eye contact with New Yorkers in or near Central Park. There are many hawkers and rogues who will try to harass you, especially when they see that you are not from NYC. Play it cool. Act like you live there.
  • Even though you will be in the presence of your teacher chaperone for most of the day, you will  be crossing some streets unaccompanied.  Never jaywalk.  Wait for the “Walk” sign at intersections and always double-check for taxis and buses before stepping into the street!  Triple check if need be. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you.

We are very excited to share this unique experience with you on November 30th.  With your cooperation, this will be an unforgettable day and (we hope) one of the highlights of your years at BHS!

-BHS English Department


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