Eligible British and World Poets

British and World POL Poets by Nationality (list updated in June 2012)

Name Nationality Notes
Abani, Chris Nigerian Lives in America
Alexie, Sherman Native American
Ali, Agha Shahid Indian Lives in America
Armitage, Simon British
Arnold, Matthew British
Atwood, Margaret Canadian
Baca, Jimmy Santiago American Native American Descent
Bass, Kate British
Beeder, Amy American Has lived extensively abroad
Behn, Aphra British
Benet, Stephen Vincent American Lived briefly inParis
Bishop, Elizabeth American Lived abroad
Blake, William British
Blanco, Richard Cuban Lives in America
Boland, Eavan Irish
Bowles, William Lisle British
Bradstreet, Anne American Published during Colonial times
Bridges, Robert British
Bringhurst, Robert Canadian
Bronte, Charlotte British
Bronte, Emily British
Brooke, Rupert British
Browning, Elizabeth British
Browning, Robert British
Buffam, Suzanne Canadian Lives in America
Bunting, Basil British
Bunyan, John British
Burns, Robert British
Byron, Lord British
Campion, Thomas British
Carew, Thomas British
Carlyle, Thomas British
Carroll, Lewis British
Cardenas, Brenda American Spanish descent
Cervantes, Lorna Dee American Mexican & Nat. American descent
Chesterton, G.K. British
Clare, John British
Clough, Arthur Hugh British
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor British
Cowper, William British
Cruz, Victor Hernandez Puerto Rican Lives in America
Davie, Donald British
De La Mare, Walter British
De Luna, Blas Manuel Mexican Lives in America
Djanikian, Gregory American Armenian descent
Donaghy, Michael American Lived in England
Donne, John British
Dowson, Ernest British
Drayton, Michael British
Dryden, John British
Dugdale, Sasha British
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice American Native American & Creole descent
Dybek, Stuart American Polish Descent
Eliot, George British
Eliot, T.S. American Lived extensively in England
Elizabeth I (Queen) British
Espada, Martin Puerto Rican Lives in America
Espaillat, Rhina Dominican Lives in America
Finch, Anne (Countess) British
Goodan, Kevin Native American
Graham, Jorie American Raised in Europe
Gray, Thomas British
Greville, Fulke British
Hacker, Marilyn American Lived in Paris
Hall, Donald American Educated in England
Hands, Elizabeth British
Hardy, Thomas British
Harjo, Joy Native American
Henley, William Ernest British
Herbert, George British
Herrick, Robert British
Hine, Daryl Canadian Lives in America
Hongo, Garrett American Asian descent
Hood, Thomas British
Hopkins, Gerard Manley British
Horton, George Moses American African descent
Housman, A. E. British
Hunt, Leigh British
Jacobsen, Josephine Canadian
Jin, Ha Chinese Lives in America
Jonson, Ben British
Jordan, June American Jamaican descent
Kaminsky, Ilya Russian Lives in America
Keats, John British
Killigrew, Anne British
Kim, Suji Kwock Korean Lives in America
Kinsella, John Australian
Kipling, Rudyard British Lived in America
Kirby, David American Lived extensively abroad
Lamb, Charles British
Landon, Letitia Elizabeth British
Landor, Walter Savage British
Lasdun, James British Lives in America
Lawrence, D.H. British
Lee, Li-Young Chinese Lives in America
Levertov, Denise British Lived in America
Levine, Philip American Russian descent
Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin Malaysian Lives in America
Lorde, Audre American West Indian descent
Lovelace, Richard British
Loy, Mina British Lived in America
Lynch, Thomas American Irish descent
MacNeice, Louis British
Markham, E.A. West Indian
Marlowe, Christopher British
Martinez, Dionisio Cuban Lives in America
Marvell, Andrew British
Masefield, John British
McHugh, Heather American Canadian descent
McKay, Claude Jamaican Lived in America
Menken, Adah Isaacs American African and Creole descent
Meredith, George British
Milton, John British
Momaday, N. Scott Native American
Moody, Elizabeth British
Moore, Thomas Irish
Mueller, Lisa German Lived in America
Nelson, Joel American Lived in England
Niatum, Duane Native American
Noguchi, Yone Japanese
Notley, Alice American Lives inFrance
Noyes, Alfred British
Nye, Naomi Shihab American Palestinian heritage
O’Driscoll, Dennis Irish
O’Shaughnessy, Arthur British
Ortiz, Simon, J Native American
Owen, Wilfred British
Page, P.K. British Lived in America
Philips, Katherine British
Plath, Sylvia American Lived in England
Pope, Alexander British
Pound, Ezra American Lived extensively abroad
Ralegh, Sir Walter British
Ransom, John Crowe American Studied inEngland
Rios, Alberto American Mexican & British descent
Revard, Carter Native American
Robinson, Mary British
Rosenberg, Isaac British
Rossetti, Christina British
Rossetti, Dante British
Sarton, May Belgian Lived in America
Sassoon, Siegfried British
Saenz, Benjamin Alire American Mexican descent
Sanchez, Jorge Cuban Lives in America
Schwartz, Delmore American Romanian descent
Shakespeare, William British
Shelley, P.B. British
Sidney, Philip British
Simic, Charles Yugoslavian Lived in America
Simon, Maurya American Lived in India
Simpson, Louis American Lived in France
Smart, Christopher British
Smith, Charlotte British
Smith, Stevie British
Song, Cathy American Asian descent
Soto,Gary Mexican Lives in America
Spender, Stephen British
Spenser, Edmund British
Stallings, A.E. American Lives in Greece
Stevenson, Anne British Lived in America
Stickney, Trumbull American Lived in Europe
Suarez, Virgil Cuban Lives in America
Symons, Arthur British
Tagore, Rabindrath Indian
Taylor, Ann British
Taylor, Jane British
Tennyson, Alfred Lord British
Thomas, Dylan Irish
Thomas, Edward British
Tolson, Melvin American Liberian descent
Traherne, Thomas British
Trethewey, Natasha American Canadian descent
Turcotte, Mark Native American
Uyematsu, Amy American Japanese descent
Waller, Edmund British
Wheatley, Phillis West Indian Lived in America
Wordsworth, Dorothy British
Wordsworth, William British
Wyatt, Thomas British
Yeats, W.B. Irish


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