Teacher’s Choice Awards

Since 2011, at the end of the semifinals, teachers in the English department each recognize ONE student from another teacher’s classroom who did not make it to the finals, but deserves to be recognized for his or her performance. The award might be given to a strong performance, to a student who individually improved from previous years, clearly exited his or her comfort zone, or took on a noteworthy challenge.

Teacher’s Choice Awards earn the respect of your peers, plus a $10 gift card to True North

2015 Recipients
From Mrs. Bernard – Harrison Lane
From Ms. Bularzik – Juliana Casella
From Ms. Coppola – Kevin Lynch
From Mrs. Crossman – Rita Saraiva
From Ms. D’Allesandro – Laura Harder
From Mrs. Ford – Brad Hogan
From Mrs. Janovitz – Ada Wiggins
From Mr. Lally – Rebecca Haded
From Mrs. McKee – Mark Czerwinski
From Ms. Netishen – Muhammad Hashim
From Ms. Roberts – Kevin McGrath
From Mrs. Rose – Dillon Owens
From Ms. Sette – Trevor Arsenault
From Mrs. Valbuena – Lorraine Kanyike

2014 Recipients

From Mrs. Bernard – Lenny Thelusma
From Ms. Bularzik – Sana Rana
From Ms. Coppola – Erin Savage
From Mrs. Crossman – Rosemary Nabukeera
From Mr. Feinsilver – Ashwini Kulkarni
From Mrs. Ford – Chenaniah Errisson-Johnson
From Ms. Graham – Dan Pais
From Mrs. Janovitz – Laura Frustaci
From Mr. Lally – Fiona Maxwell
From Mrs. McKee – Ryan Murphy
From Ms. Netishen – Tyler Gaffey
From Ms. Roberts – Crystal Curran
From Mrs. Rose – Angel Vargas
From Ms. Stuart – Laura Schissler
2014 Departmental – Joseph Kim

2013 Recipients
From Mrs. Bernard – Sarah Burnham
From Ms. Bularzik – Kylie DeVarney
From Ms. Coppola – Paul Terranova
From Mrs. Crossman – Kate Arsenault
From Ms. Driscoll – Briana LoRusso
From Mr. Feinsilver – Isha Mehta
From Mrs. Ford – Kaitlyn Lynch
From Ms. Graham – Mark Simons
From Mrs. Janovitz – Sean McCrobie
From Mr. Lally – Keith Walker
From Mrs. McKee – Jonathan Chellali
From Ms. Netishen – Jonathan Garcia
From Ms. Roberts – Sumail Sajid
From Mrs. Rose – Michael Garcia
From Ms. Stuart – Bilal Rabbani
2013 Departmental – Eddie Gelberg

2012 Recipients
From Mrs. Bernard – Mark Simons
From Ms. Bularzik – Taylor Small
From Mr. Calvin – Luke O’Donnell
From Ms. Coppola (via Ms. McNeil) – Skylar Silva
From Ms. Driscoll – April Adams
From Mr. Feinsilver – Sharon Kumar
From Mr. Field – Alex Moffatt
From Mrs. Ford – Christian Woods
From Mr. Holbrook – Austin Robinson
From Mrs. Janovitz – Gina Gilstrap
From Mr. Lally – David Huynh
From Mrs. McKee – Luke Schissler
From Mr. Milton – Nikhil Thakkar
From Ms. Roberts – Joel Rocca
From Mrs. Rose – Isha Mehta
From Ms. Stuart – Anthony Cruz
2012 Departmental – Kate Arsenault

2011 Recipients
From Mrs. Bernard – Matt DiMarzio
From Mr. Calvin – Roshan Kumar
From Mr. Conceison – Ben Kalibala
From Ms. Coppola – Amber Wilson
From Mrs. Crossman – Nicollette Moodie
From Mr. Feinsilver – Geoffrey Fong
From Mr. Field – Adam Crowley
From Mrs. Ford – Julie Pomphrett
From Ms. Graham – Katya Becker
From Mrs. Janovitz – Alexis Kaminski
From Mr. Lally – Rachel Merullo
From Mrs. McKee – Sidney Fallon
From Ms. Netishen – Onaje Baxley
From Ms. Roberts – Sarah Horwitz
From Mrs. Rose – Brendon Creedon
From Ms. Scanlon – Dean Boodakian
From Ms. Stuart – Thabani Chibanda


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