Beyond the BHS Guidebook, the English Department wishes for you to be aware of the following:

Aspen Grading: Please understand that the grades that the teachers post on Aspen  are not expected to be 100% accurate at all times.

Plagiarism: We as a department have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. While many think of plagiarism as purely a wholesale theft of another person’s essay, often from an online source, lifting an essay is not the only possible act of plagiarism. Others include:

  • Stealing selected paragraphs, or even sentences from another site. A paper that has plagiarized 10% of its content is 100% guilty.
  • Using quotes compiled by another source. Even if you explain them yourself, you are taking somebody else’s idea of what lines are important and how to interpret them.
  • Paraphrasing an existing essay does not make it original
  • Self-plagiarism – using the same essay for more than one class – is still plagiarism

Be advised that committing plagiarism in any form on an English paper carries the following consequences:

  • The paper receives a zero
  • The student may not eliminate the zero by submitting a new essay, but the teacher may require the work to be done to completion
  • A plagiarized essay in British Literature does not complete the course’s requirement of a satisfactory term paper. The essay will earn a zero, but to pass the course, and to graduate from BHS, the assignment will still have to be completed to the teacher’s satisfaction.
  • The teacher will contact a parent or guardian
  • The incident must be reported to the department head
  • A first offense must be submitted to administration and guidance
  • Any second offense, even if in two different classes, defers to administration for punishment
  • The department head will recommend that the student not be allowed onto National Honor Society
  • All other punishments are at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Please see our Departmental Plagiarism Page to help learn more about the different types of plagiarism

Twitter / Facebook Acceptable Use: Be advised that the English Department is mandated to report the following behavior from any publicly accessible social media site, such as Twitter or Facebook:

  • Personal threats against any faculty member or BHS student
  • Anything that would be classified as hate speech (racism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry)
  • Any vulgarity written about or directed at a faculty member or student

The department wishes to remind students that any inappropriate behavior committed during school hours or done with school property (BHS computers or iPads) is in direct violation of the student handbook, and that indiscretions that occur outside of those restrictions ARE NOT ALWAYS covered by freedom of speech rights. A good rule of thumb: if you would not say something in one of your classrooms, don’t express it publicly online.

Any incidents of social media malfeasance may result in a revocation of a college letter of recommendation, removal from National Honor Society, disciplinary action from the administration including out-of-school suspension or removal from a class. If your page is public, you would be wise to control what you say.

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