Practice: Capitalization

Practice with Capitals

In the following sentences, circle any letters that should be capitalized.

  • our winter cruise in the caribbean began in san juan, puerto rico.
  • the ship i took was greek and was named the s.s. britanis.
  • ports of call included st. thomas, virgin islands, an american possession.
  • the virgin islands, i learned, once belonged to denmark.
  • the book sailing in the caribbean has much information for travelers.
  • on new year’s day we arrived in martinique, a french island.
  • the empress josephine, wife of napoleon, was born in martinique.
  • in 1902, the volcano mt.pelei destroyed the former capital of st. pierre.
  • st. pierre is now known as the ‘pompeii’ of the western world.
  • Our chandris cruises, inc. ship left martinique late wednesday night and arrived in st. vincent early thursday morning.

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