Practice: Five Common Usage Mistakes to Avoid List 1

Circle the correct word.

  1. I only have homework in ( to  too  two ) different subjects tonight, so my homework shouldn’t take me ( to  too  two ) long ( to  too  two ) do.

  2. I want ( to  too  two ) go ( to  too  two ) the mall after school today ( to  too  two ) pick up ( to  too  two ) new shirts.

  3. ( It’s  Its ) terrible for the mama bird that ( it’s  its ) baby fell out of the tree.

  4. “( You’re  Your ) late for class,” ( you’re  your ) teacher might inform you.

  5. Look at that balloon over ( their  they’re  there )!

  6. ( Their  They’re  There ) so lucky that ( their  they’re  there ) mother gives them cookies as a snack every afternoon; I want to go to ( their  they’re  there ) house tomorrow.

  7. ( Where  Wear  Were  We’re ) planning a pirate party ( where  wear  were  we’re ) everyone is going to ( where  wear  were  we’re ) eye patches and carry parrots.

  8. Unfortunately, it turned out that parrots ( where  wear  were  we’re ) difficult to obtain near ( where  wear  were  we’re ) we live.

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