BHS – Published Authors (2009-now)

Here, you will find a list of the Burlington High students who have found success getting their original work published outside of the walls of BHS. If you have a success story to share, email Mr. Lally and he will add you to this page.

March 2017 –Sidra Afzal (’17), no stranger to this page, has recently had her collection of original poetry, titled “Wildflowers,” published on Amazon. The collection includes over 300 original poems. Fantastic work, Sidra! We are so impressed!

Summer 2016 – Joe Bertolami (’17) has shared with us his blog that he has been writing for the USA Junior Hockey Magazine – normally, we don’t include blogs on this page, but this is national journalism – Joe’s articles cover teams from all across the USA.

Spring 2016 – Laura Harder (’18) has had her short story “My Long and Tedious Life” accepted on the Teen Ink website, where it was also voted the #1 Sci-Fi / Fantasy story.Great work!

Fall 2015 – Dan McCarthy (’17) has just received word that his short story titled “Inferno” has been accepted into the Marble Collection. This publication marks a return to the writing side of The Marble Collection after a one-year absence.

Spring 2015 – Danielle McFadries (’15) and Sidra Afzal (’17) have both had their original fiction selected for publication in the Claremont Review, a Canadian magazine for teenage writers. This is the first time any BHS students have gotten in to that publication, and both of them received a cash prize for their work. Junior Rebekah Aran has also recently been featured on the front page of “Thriller/Mystery” page of the website for her story, “Strictly Business.” Congratulations to all three authors!

Spring 2015 – Sidra Afzal (Class of ’17) has had her work, “Officially Innocent,” recognized as the top piece of Realistic Fiction on Teen Ink in May of 2015 – Congratulations, Sidra!

Fall 2014 – Michaela LaPriseAriana Orne and Kavya Sebastian have both had their work accepted into the latest edition of The Marble Collection. Kavya’s story, “Hot Chocolate and Cronuts”, marks her first time being published outside of BHS, Michaela’s poem “Rouge” made it in, and Ariana had two poems, “Two Sisters” and “Is this one for you?” make it in as well. This marks the second time that both Michaela and Ariana have been published in The Marble Collection, and that makes them the first students to have his or her writing appear in that publication more than once.

Summer 2014 – Both Anjali Seereeram and Ariana Orne have recently become published in Teen Ink. Anjali recently saw her short story “Youth” receive an Editor’s Choice award, and Ariana had SIX of her poems get accepted, including one which earned their “Best Sonnet” designation.

Spring 2014 – Connor Pustizzi earns BOTH of the top two spots on the “Best Sonnets” page on the Teen Ink website with his poems, “Numbness” and “Spring”.

Spring 2014 – BHS returns to The Marble Collection with four new short stories: “Hamburgers” by Pranav Menon, “Between Freedom and Fear” by Michaela LaPrise, and “Submarine Dreams” and “Benjy,” both by Ariana Orne.

Spring 2013 – Dora Kadish‘s poem “The Price for Eyes” was Burlington’s first-ever winner of the Ruth Berrien Fox Award for poetry written by a Massachusetts high-school student

Spring 2013 – BHS has THREE students get published for their excellent fiction into The Marble Collection, which is the highest number of written pieces in any one edition to date. The stories are: “Time,” by Meghan Girouard, “Mr. Malson,” by Katie Hubbard, and “Beating the Clock,” by Danielle Calder. Congratulations to all three!

Winter 2012 – Kylie Scott‘s story “Dying Inside” and Billy Restivo‘s sonnet “Toy Car” were both accepted into The Marble Collection

Spring 2012 –Zack Wilkins‘s poem “Sour Candy” is featured in Navigating the Maze, an annual publication of teen writing. Way to go, Zack!

Fall 2011 – Katie Desmond became the first BHS student to be published in The Marble Collection, a print magazine of original stories and poems by Massachusetts high school students.

Fall 2011 – Sharon Kumar‘s short essay “The Power Within Us” was a winner of the Creative Communication Essay Contest

2009 – Stephanie Chin‘s “Of Suffering” and Sabrina Gerardi‘s “Hateful Love” were both accepted into the Creative Communications Poetry Publication. Stephanie’s poetry also appeared in The Café Review during her time at BHS.


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