Selecting Your Poem

Please click on the appropriate link to open a page where you will declare which poem you will recite for this year’s competition. When you type in your teacher’s name, please put the last name only (No Mr, Ms, Mrs). Good luck, students!

(They were the poems that made the top three last year)

Adam’s Curse by W. B. Yeats
Beautiful Wreckage by W. D. Ehrhart
Bleeding Heart by Carmen Gimenez Smith
A Fit of Rhyme Against Rhyme by Ben Jonson
Idea 61 by Michael Drayton
Personal by Tony Hoagland
Sonnet 1 by Sir Philip Sydney
To Live with a Landscape by Constance Urdang

Also: PLEASE SIGN IN TO YOUR BHS EMAIL BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM. Your personal email address does not have permission to submit a response.

Class of 2018 (Juniors)

Class of 2019 (Sophomores)

Class of 2020 (Freshmen)

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