Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows course is an honors-level one-semester elective that will be offered for the first time in the 2018-2019 school year. Students who enroll in the course in the first year will have the opportunity to help shape the course and the future BHS Writing Center.

This course prepares students to collaborate with peers and provide individualized writing assistance. Students will learn the essential habits of successful writing and revision, as well as practical strategies for responding to writers with written and oral feedback. This class is recommended for students who want to develop their writing and collaboration skills, but especially for those interested in teaching.

Additionally, students will work collaboratively with teachers of various disciplines to help their students become more effective writers. This work may include going into classrooms to facilitate small-group writing consultations; providing feedback on specific writing assignments; and conferencing with individual writers to help them meet their writing goals.

Interested students will also have the opportunity to earn field study credit by continuing as writing fellows after the conclusion of the semester.

There is a brief application required for entrance into the course, available here.